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  • Star School bathroom website a new revision

    The new year is coming, a new starting point! As the company continues to grow and develop, the official website Star Shower bathroom also in 2012 is approaching, a new look presented to consumers in ...

  • Star School bathroom 2012 new 12 new bathroom cabinet

    Star School bathroom 2012 new 12 new bathroom cabinetAt the beginning of the new year of 2012, Foshan Xingpai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. introduced 12 antique bathroom cabinets, with European modern mini...

  • Canton Fair 111th Canton Fair April 15 to carry out

    Our company will attend the 111th Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) on April 15, 2012 with the booth: Hall A05-06 of Hall 9.1. At the appointed time, please visit the guide! Canton Fair was h...

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