Light bath bathroom as a new type of toiletries began to be consumer's attention. Wave bath room is popular in Europe and the United States third-generation health bathing equipment, it is 5.6 microns to 15 microns far infrared as the main energy to take the world's popular low-temperature sweating technology, bathing at the same time can easily enjoy the music, right The human body has a good health care role. From the surface, far-infrared light bath room is like a sauna. The same wooden structure, the same chair, but the working principle is completely different.

Body shaping: Light waves can rule out excess body fat, to beauty, weight loss, body sculpting effect.

Pain relief: to promote blood circulation, increase the amount of oxygen in the painful parts, it can play a role in anti-inflammatory and reduce pain.

Strong heart fitness: light wave bath to enjoy strong heart fitness, 30 minutes to consume 1000 kilocalories, equal to 10 km sweating volume.

Foshan Sengpar Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd a China company located in Foshan, Guangdong has been manufacturing sanitary ware for more than 10 years. Products include Massage bathtub, Luxury steam rooms, Shower enclosure, Shower panel, Bathroom Cabinets, etc.

The company, that covers an area of more than 20000 sq. m. has always devoted a great importance to the achievement of security and quality standards, we conducts the production procedures strictly according to the ISO9001 quality system and ERP system in management. LVD certification, CE certification also has been obtained. Its high quality products are appreciated not only by the domestic market but also in Europe, in facts exportation covers more than 70% of the total production. 

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